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Which Is Even Worse: Engaged And Getting Married Or Going To Jail?

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Tx guy granted Sentence By Judge: Get Married, Or Go To Jail

More than various men have been known to jokingly call their particular wives « the ol’ ball and string, » or perhaps be mocked a bit by their particular bachelor celebration visitors for appreciating their unique « last day’s liberty. »

In the case of a Texas guy however, it actually was the alternative: marriage ended up being a get-out-of-jail-free credit.

That’s where situations got strange. The judge, Randall Lee Rogers, offered Bundy a choice that sounds straight-out of a sitcom: the guy might go to jail for 15 days, which would have cost Bundy their job. Or, he could take a couple of years of probation, with two significant circumstances: as an element of his probation, he’d have to replicate completely Bible passages each day, and even more importantly, get hitched within thirty day period.

Bundy made a decision to marry his 19-year-old sweetheart, Elizabeth Jaynes, in spite of the likely unconstitutionality from the phrase. 

The bride’s father informed CNN he was « really upset, » and is getting his options to attempt to obtain the sentence overturned. Bundy’s now-wife, Jaynes, informed local station KLTV that she didn’t be sorry for the actual decision to have hitched, but that « it simply decided we had beenn’t going to be able to possess wedding ceremony we wanted. »

That they had a quickly organized marriage in the courthouse, which means that Bundy stayed out-of jail, and uploaded the picture below to Facebook.

Congratulations (?) to your newlyweds.